LaRen Stud is the home of America's first purebred Knabstrupper herd. We have been quietly selecting and gathering the very best Knabstrupper bloodlines from Denmark. Each horse was specifically chosen to help lay the foundation for the Knabstrupper breed here in North America. Our goal is to continue the legacy of the purebred Knabstrupper by providing horses with the attitude and ability that professionals seek and amateurs enjoy.

The Knabstrupper is a rare and valuable Danish breed that holds its own in an array of disciplines. It has the bone and movement of a warm blood accompanied by the dearest disposition any horse enthusiast could ever wish for. More apparent is the dazzling coat they wear which assures the Knabstrupper will never be overlooked. It is our mission to help educate the equine community about these unique and striking animals. With their beautiful markings and rich history they are sure to steal the hearts of many.

If you are interested in seeing these beauties for yourself then think of us. Visitors are always welcome by appointment!